About Us

NAHF creates an environment that promotes learning and best practices. Employers will be welcome to participate in this forum as well as cutting edge firms that are changing the marketplace.

The Forum’s work emphasizes that hospital and healthcare systems are the leaders for health and productivity in the communities they serve. These organizations are in demand to provide health improvement strategies to employer groups that result in improved productivity and quality of life.

At NAHF, we focus on strategies that enable hospital and health care systems to deliver population health strategies that begin with the health improvement of their domestic population (aka: their employees and dependents), change provider behavior to align with health improvement quality outcomes, and prepare hospitals to deliver health and wellness services to their community employers.

The North American Healthcare Forum has made it our mission to:
• Improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, commercial groups, and communities.
• Provide leadership in improving the health and wellbeing of hospital system domestic populations.
• Enable purchasers and healthcare systems to align to improve commercial population health and community health.
• Identify, analyze, and act on major trends and issues impacting the membership.
• Maintain a broad-based membership, and operations through responsible fiscal policies.
• Offer educational opportunities to improve member governance and management.
• Identify and promote potential areas of collaboration among health care providers.

Who We Serve:
• Hospital Systems
• Healthcare Providers
• Employer Groups